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Nutrition and Oral Health

June 08, 2012  |   Posted by : admin  |   Latest Oral Health News   |   1 Comment

By American Academy of Periodontology Want a better smile and cavity-free teeth? Brushing and flossing are merely the beginning. Turns out there are a host of incredible edibles that fight bacteria, attack plaque and build enamel with every bite, says Wendy Bazilian, a registered dietitian and author of The Superfoods Rx Diet. Here, her surprising [...]

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Diabetics Need to Pay Extra Close Attention to Their Teeth and Gums

December 19, 2011  |   Posted by : admin  |   Latest Oral Health News   |   491 Comments

By Eisa Ulen Diabetics have to watch what they eat, make sure they exercise, and, it turns out, they have to make sure they brush and floss with greater vigilance, too. There is a complex relationship between diabetes and gum disease that is “bi-directional” and too often part of a “vicious cycle” of health issues [...]

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Diet’s role in oral health

October 03, 2011  |   Posted by : admin  |   Latest Oral Health News   |   383 Comments

Changing your eating habits could help reduce the risk for cavities The December 2010 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association reminds patients that maintaining a balanced diet is important to maintaining a healthy smile. Cavities are caused by plaque—a thin film of bacteria that coats the teeth. After you eat or drink, [...]

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