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“For 25 years i was scared to death of getting a “gum graft”. I have been told by every dentist i ever saw that i need one and refused because it sounded so painful. Dr Zandi was so professional and gentle and very good at what she does. After my surgery it is very hard to even see that any work was done. The procedure was painless. The healing time was under 3 weeks and not nearly as painful as it sounds. I wish i did this years ago. Maybe instead of “gum graft” the procedure could be named something less scary, ” gum enhancing ” maybe. Don’t be scared, go get your gums fixed!!!!!!! Jake

Dr. Zandi is a Dandy! Dr. Zandi is the best! She is no nonsense, fast, and liberal with pain medication so she can attack the situation in your mouth while you just lay back secure that you will feel no pain. I will never leave her. Over the last ten years I have become more and more grateful that I found her in time to save my teeth and gums. Now my teeth are firm and strong. My smile is confident. My breath is sweet and I can eat anything I want to – with gusto! I met Dr. Zandi about ten years ago when I went to her for a routine cleaning. She was much better than any dentist I had ever had. She cleaned my mouth so well that immediately I could feel the gums starting to heal. Several teeth were loose. Dr. Zandi was so competent and so in charge that I never doubted that the final result would be perfect, which it is. The first problem she addressed a front tooth which had snaggled outward with age. I was happy the day she pulled it because she put on a temporary crown and right away I looked ten years younger. Since then she has replaced a total of seven teeth with implants for a complete restoration of my gums and teeth, and a confident smile to go with my kissing sweet breath. I cannot say enough for Dr. Zandi. She is the best.”
Mona Montgomery, Attorney at Law

Dear Dr. Mahnaz zandi, I truely appreciate your time amd work for me. Everything is perfect and it can’t be any better! Thank you so much and God bless you.
Hagop Haroutunian

Dr. Zandi is a professional in the Periodontal fields who takes great pride and responsibility in doing things right the first time, she performs an excellent Periodontal service for myself, family and friends and we are always completely satisfied with her work. She has worked and instructed at USC where I first met her several years ago and everyone there has had the highest regard for her and her work. She knows everything there is to know about periodontics and I highly recommend her to any of my friends and family who need periodontal work. Also, when I see her with family and friends please note that myself and others get that extra help where we feel no pain when she treats her patients as other dental doctors are not as careful and diligent as she is. Dr. Zandi makes a patient feel 100% completely satisfied after she treats them.
Charles Epperson

I’m currently see Dr. Zandi I would highly recommend her, she very personable and you know after meeting with her that your more than just another mouth.
Gary Miguel

Dr Zandi has performed an excellent dental implant surgery on me under local anesthesia with no pain during the surgery and no complications after the surgery. She meticulously monitored her surgery by her computerized X-ray system to ensure that adequate space is placed between the implant post and my nerves and that the post is positioned precisely. Right after the surgery, I personally drove home from LA to Santa Barbara for two hours. My post-surgery recovery was quick; the normal swelling and minimal discomfort subsided within 2-3 days.
My two other implants, carried out by another surgeon previously, were not satisfactory due to these reasons: Both of his two separate surgeries were performed under unnecessary general anesthesia ($900 charge per each anesthesia); Implants were positioned too close to my nerves which could lead to complications; his fees were too expensive; the oral surgeon and his staff were unaccommodating and unpleasant.
Dr Zandi was very accommodating and personable. Her office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Her friendly staff and charming office are welcoming and comforting. Lastly, her fees are competitive in the field of dental implant.
I highly recommend Dr Zandi to my friends, family and relatives who need dental implant and periodontal work.
Kayvaan Kaboli

Dr Zandi, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent work that you did for me on my gums. The procedure was painless and the recovery was quick. I was not going to go through the procedure because I thought that it was trivial, but thanks to your education on the matter I am glad that I went through with it. Thank you for being the professional that you are…………now I can smile with confidence :)
Victor Vander GeugtenDirector of Operations SL7C